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Erin Prokop, CRNP, IFM-CP

Personal Healthcare Providers

Erin completed a Bachelor of Arts in biology at Mount Holyoke College and then went on to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. While working in a hospital setting, she developed an interest in preventive healthcare, which led her to complete her Master of Science as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) from the University of Maryland School of Nursing. She subsequently certified as a FNP by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She has spent over 20 years in primary care. Nearly 18 of those years was at Harford Primary Care in Bel Air.  In early 2021, she joined Personal Healthcare Providers, in Lutherville.

While working at Harford Primary Care, she developed her own complex chronic medical issues that led her on a journey to find answers to improve her health.   Erin knows what it’s like to struggle to find answers and her faith in God became an integral part in her healing.   It was while on this journey that she learned about functional medicine, and how identifying root causes of illness can be a key to regaining health. She is certified as a functional medicine provider by the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Erin provides both primary care and functional medicine services.

Primary care services include an annual physical, management of sick visits, and chronic medical problems.  Erin is on call after hours for primary care patients when needed.  The principles of functional medicine can be applied to primary care.  Erin has many primary care patients that enjoy an integrative medical approach.

Functional medicine patients are seen on a consultative basis.  Patients seen for a functional medicine consultation typically have an ongoing chronic medical condition.  They may have seen a variety of medical specialists and would like additional treatment options. A thorough health history is taken; and based on the history and symptoms, Erin will make recommendations for further testing, supplements, and other appropriate interventions.  Some patients will elect to do a one-time Functional medicine consult, and others will see Erin multiple times.  This depends on the medical problem, treatment, and patient desires.

It has been a blessing to serve in Baltimore County and now Erin is pleased to be able to return to Harford County and have a satellite office at The Vine.  The Vine will provide a healing environment for her patients, which is essential to quality healthcare.  Take back your health by working with Erin today.

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