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The Free Life Coaching

The Free Life is ready to help.  We are not therapists; instead we are partners.  We joyfully explore where you are currently, help you identify roadblocks, and develop your map to a breakthrough.

Initial Consultation with The Free Life Coach

Your free 15 minute Initial Consultation with The Free Life Coach offers personalized guidance and support to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.


Pre-Marital Coaching- using SYMBIS

Our Pre-Marital Coaching services at The Free Life Coaching incorporate SYMBIS, a powerful tool that helps couples strengthen their relationship before tying the knot. Through personalized guidance and successful strategies, we equip couples with the necessary skills for a long and fulfilling marital journey.


Teen’s Life Coaching

Teen’s Life Coaching offers a comprehensive approach to help teen boys achieve their life goals and receive support for their behavioral and mental health needs. The Free Life Coach personalizes client sessions to focus on specific needs and challenges.


Marriage Coaching- specializing in restoration, betrayal, renewal and enrichment

Our marriage coaching services specialize in restoring trust, healing from betrayal, renewing relationships, and enriching the bond between couples. With our dedicated and experienced coach, we help couples overcome challenges and strengthen their relationship through effective coaching techniques and support.


Men’s Coaching

The Free Life Men’s Coaching offers a range of services including addiction and recovery support, guidance in life mapping, and mental health coaching to help men achieve personal growth and success.


Family Life Coaching

Family Life Coaching offers a dynamic and impactful approach to enhancing communication, fostering authenticity, and achieving family-identified goals. Get ready for a transformational experience that brings your family closer together and creates lasting positive change. The Free Life Coach is your advocate for familial peace and unity! Coaching location preferred is at family home. Please contact The Free Life Coaching directly to discuss possibilities.


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