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Detox & Renew

This package includes a nice, hot, detox in our infrared sauna with chromotherapy lighting for a 30 minute session, a relaxing detox ionic foot bath session in our shiatzu massage chair, and a restorative 30 minute Natural Wave Therapy session on our pulse electromagnetic field therapy mat with infrared heat.  Save $15 by buying this package!


3 Floats for $180

Mother’s Day 2024- Share a foot bath with a loved one

Enjoy a relaxing 1/2 hour in our heated shiatzu massage chair while receiving a foot bath with a loved one!


Mother’s Day 2024- Detox with a sauna and foot bath

Spend time in our infrared sauna and continue detoxing with a ionic foot bath


Float & PEMF Session

Enjoy a 1 hour float session and then continue to relax on our natural wave mat (PEMF) for 30 minutes.


3 Sauna Sessions for $90

3 PEMF Mat Sessions for $90

Mother’s Day 2024- Sauna special with a loved one

Relax with a loved one for a 1/2 hour in our infrared sauna with chromo therapy lights. The temperature can goes as high as 170 degrees.


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