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Yvette Stevenson, BSN, RN, FNP-S

GSI Health and Wellness

Stevenson BSN, RN, FNP-S, has worked in healthcare since 1999. As a parent of a child who suffers from a severe autoimmune disease, She knows firsthand the importance of caring for our bodies in every way possible. She’s specialized in major surgical arenas including the trauma team and neurosurgery, but she has also worked in OB/GYN, plastics, and oral maxillofacial surgery. She’s certified in ACLS, as well as being an instructor for BLS, first aid, heart saver, nursing student tutor and phlebotomy course instructor. Yvette is currently working towards incorporating the specialty of Family Nurse Practitioner in the med spa in 2024.

Operating under the direction of the amazing Dr. Joseph Palumbo, she utilizes her critical thinking paired with his emergency department education to provide the best care for all patients under her care. She is the wife of a veteran Marine and enjoys spending time and laughing with her kids, family, and friends. A fun fact about Yvette is that she is a mother to twins, a professional baker, loves to cook and makes people smile with her friendly, caring demeanor!

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