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Denise Reich, RMP

Founder of The Vine

Sometimes you do not know your dreams or life plan until God gives it to you. Did you ever have that moment where you weren’t sure how you got to the place where you are now standing? Over 20 years ago, God ignited His plan as I started my first class at the Baltimore School of Massage. It is here that my transformative journey began to shape the way I viewed the needs of a person’s body, mind, and spirit. No longer was life or the massage process about a protocol; it became A Touch of Grace that honored the individual on every level of living a better life – ONLY God can do that! God has planted me and given me the most rewarding privilege to serve people through tending to their therapeutic needs, and I would not change a thing.

There have been many roads traveled and life experiences to get to this point: attending college at Liberty University, and Harford community college, managing a clothing store, working in jewelry sales, working in restaurants, and working in hospitality at the Comfort Inn. By far, the most important lessons of love and life come from my husband, Scott, of 25 years and my 4 children. As a family we know how crazy life can be. Through all the twists and turns, though …God is faithful!

Just when you think your life is on track and your future is planned, along comes a complete vision and revelation of The Vine Natural Health Center. Scott and I have always felt that our calling is to minister in our own back yard community of Harford County where we have grown up; we just did not know when or how this was to be until now. With much trepidation, but a knowing in our hearts, we stepped out in faith to start this natural health facility. It is here that we hope to reach out to the Harford County community with natural health services, fitness classes, health and wellness education, and many other opportunities for growth and self-care. Every branch of service at The Vine is joined by a team of gifted practitioners that serve in a collaborative effort, in which your wellbeing is our focus! No matter your background, your spiritual journey, or your status in this crazy world; you are always welcome. We cherish the differences and unique nature of every individual. Our hope and prayer is that you will benefit from our services and stay connected …to The Vine!

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